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Exterior of AACC's Truxal Library.
You can access many library services from your home. Stay informed and learn more with this library guide.

The library’s collection includes over 150,000 physical books, 114,000 electronic books, 15,000 online and print periodicals and 21,000 audiovisual resources available online and in house. 该图书馆提供60多个在线数据库的访问, where most electronic resources can be found. 你也可以查看一些解剖和化学模型, as well as laptop computers, calculators, phone chargers, headphones, staplers, and more.

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Library Guides 

Get started with a step-by-step Research Process Guide, use the Citation Guide for citing in MLA and APA styles and find Research Guides 描述如何访问特定领域的最佳资源. Learn about Avoiding Plagiarism, Evaluating Websites, Writing College Papers and more.

Library Catalog

Search for books, 图书馆实物馆藏和网上馆藏的视听资料和储备资料. 

Library Databases

Find articles from newspapers, magazines and scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, and get access to eBooks and online audiovisual materials. From off-campus sites, students, 教职员工可以使用他们的MyAACC登录来访问这些资源. 目前不属于AACC的读者可以从他们的Truxal图书馆卡的背面输入条形码号码.

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Review FAQs about Truxal Library’s resources and services, ask questions by phone, text, email or live chat, or set up an appointment to speak with a librarian online.

Learn more about using the Library

How to borrow and return

AACC students, faculty, and staff; faculty and students from other colleges; and county residents and workers age 16 and older may borrow materials from Truxal Library. An AACC photo ID may be used as a library card, 或借书证可在借阅处领取. 16岁以下的学生在父母同意的情况下可以获得Truxal图书卡.


Borrow items from another library

Truxal Library can borrow books and obtain copies of articles from other libraries for your use. 这项服务被称为馆际互借,通常是免费的. AACC的学生,教师和工作人员使用他们的AACC登录详细信息访问我们新的ILL门户. Community users should contact the ILL office at to get an account set up in our new ILL portal. 

提交ILL请求后,请预留10个工作日的时间让材料到达. The library will contact you to pick up your materials. 文章有时以电子形式收到,可以通过电子邮件发送给您. 外借图书的借阅期限由外借图书馆确定.

For assistance, contact the Interlibrary Loan Office at or 410-777-2536.

Research services

Whether you are on campus or off-site, Truxal图书馆的参考人员可以让您轻松获得帮助! Not sure how to get started on a research assignment? Stuck in the middle of a project? Need help evaluating and citing your sources? Reference staff teach research strategies, recommend the best resources for a subject, and help find information that is hard to find, even on Google. Visit our Ask Us 网页上可以看到与图书馆工作人员取得联系以获得研究帮助的所有方法.

For distance learners

图书馆试图通过支持远程上课的学生来完成它的使命. 远程学习者是参加在线或混合课程的学生, as well as classes at other AACC locations (Arundel Mills, GBTC, HCAT, or any other non-Arnold site).

有关如何在我们的图书馆搜索资料的信息, request materials from other libraries, order books for delivery to other AACC locations, and get help from a librarian at a distance, check out our Truxal Library for Distance Learners guide.

For faculty

Find out more about Truxal Library’s specialized resources and services for faculty, 包括无论何时何地上课,都要对学生进行信息素养指导, whatever the class format, even online; consultations for developing effective research assignments; reference services for faculty committee work, professional development, and research projects; course reserves, and much more

Library forms

Suggest an item to add to the library's collection

For faculty

For students and employees at other AACC locations  


User obligations and privacy expectations

保护用户查看和阅读资料的权利,而不必担心被入侵, intimidation or reprisal is a core value for libraries, Truxal Library以多种方式保护其用户的隐私和机密性. Confidential records include, but are not limited to: circulation records, interlibrary loan requests, registration records, reference requests, and catalog, database and internet searches. AACC计算机的可接受用途在学院的 College-wide Policies.

图书馆流通记录和其他标明图书馆使用者姓名的记录是保密的,禁止查阅, use, or disclosure, 根据马里兰州法律(马里兰州注释法典), Education Article Section 23-107). 除非根据合法的法庭命令,否则不得提供该等记录, search warrant, or subpoena. 要求联邦政府提供图书馆的机密流通记录, 州或地方执法机构应提交给图书馆主任.

有关图书馆隐私的更多信息可以在美国图书馆协会关于隐私和保密的网页上找到. 有关AACC如何使用学生信息的更多信息, view the college's policies on student records.

图书馆使用者应保持适度的安静,避免使用手机, smoking and using other tobacco products in the library.

Individuals who steal or damage books, audiovisual materials, 或其他图书馆财产可能会失去其图书馆特权,并根据《最全菠菜网》第ED条第23-408节的轻罪指控受到法律起诉. 使用者可能会被要求在离开图书馆时向职员出示其所有的书籍.

Truxal Library mission

The Andrew G. Truxal图书馆致力于通过以下方式参与安妮·阿伦德尔社区学院和整个安妮·阿伦德尔县的教学和促进终身学习:

  • 提供促进学生成功和丰富学生学习的服务.
  • 建立和维护对支持学院课程的信息资源的访问.
  • 教授信息素养技能,使学生能够有效地发现, use and evaluate information.
  • Assisting in the assessment of student learning.
  • 在教学和学习的过程中,与教师以合议的精神合作.
  • 为社区提供智力、文化和身体活力的源泉.
  • 通过批判性地评估图书馆的馆藏,创造一个欢迎不同学院和社区人口的环境, programs and services on a regular basis.

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图书馆正在根据修改后的时间表提供面对面和远程服务. Check our Google calendar for information.

Devices Available

在读学生可以从Truxal图书馆借阅设备. Learn more about devices available for library checkout.